Kids are back at school!

By RegionalManager on September 10, 2018

Set aside some ME time.

Summer goes by fast but for most parents, it can feel like a storm has just blown through the house for two months! Many parents & guardians work full time and struggle to keep the boat afloat while the children are home for summer break.

I believe PARENTS are super heroes. They always make sure that everyone is safe, clean, well fed and entertained… Even though the summer weather is wonderful and nice to enjoy with the family, Summer Break can be a stressful time. It is always sad to see the summer season coming to an end but at the same time most parents look forward to the return of a routine that feels familiar and steady.

Now is the time for all the beautiful parents to come visit us at MCI Cosmetic. Let us pamper & rejuvenate you with relaxing treatments, to reverse the stress. I would recommend starting with a nice anti-aging and hydrating Vivier facial and a series of weekly Skin Tightening with Venus Freeze for the stress lines on your face and neck. You will rejuvenate while relaxing and turn back that clock…You deserve it!

Do yourself a favor and call us today 905 856-2100 ext 205 to book your treatment.

Looking forward to pampering you soon.

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